Cedar Park Cemetery

In 1901, after the death of an infant grandson, the Clucks set aside over 7 acres of land to be used as a family cemetery. Many Cluck family members are buried there, along with neighbors and friends. Later the cemetery was divided by 183, resulting in .5 acres lying east of the highway (now occupied by the Sonic). The cemetery on the opposite side holds the Clucks and other founding family members, including McRae, Jackson, and Stewart. Located at the West Park St. and Bell Blvd., the back portion of the cemetery features George and Harriet Cluck headstones and other Cluck relatives.

Cedar Park Cemetery. Off West Park and 183 intersection. Back portion of cemetery contains George and Harriet Cluck with pictures on headstones. Also, son Emmet Cluck and wife and many other Cluck relatives. Cemetery founded in 1901.