Cedar Park Historical Marker

The pioneers who settled in Williamson County were rugged, courageous, and enterprising, as was Harriet (Hattie) Standefer’s family, who made the perilous trek from Alabama. Later Hattie married George W. Cluck, an aspiring cattle baron. Interestingly, the Clucks were some of the first to ride the famous Chisholm Trail. Legend has it that Hattie was the first white woman to go up the trail and that was also known as “the Queen of the Chisholm Trail.” While raising a family, the Clucks operated many businesses and, as such, were the primary colonizers of what is now Cedar Park. In the end, the Clucks forged a new community that embodies their same ambitious spirit and generosity.

The marker is located in front of the Cedar Park Public Library at 550 Discovery Blvd., this marker hails the historical importance of the Cluck family.