Emmett Cluck Homesite and Site of Railroad Foreman’s House

Foreman's House

In 1887, a store was built for or by Emmett Cluck on the east side of the railroad. He then built his home behind and facing his store. Described as “ornate and beautiful,” an iron fence that had originally stood around the Texas State Capitol and was moved to Emmett’s yard. The Clucks had also sold land next to Emmett’s home to the railroad, but stipulated that a portion be made into a “park.” Fully landscaped, the park provided benches along the walking paths. No two beds were alike, and colored pebbles were used in raised beds rather than all flowers and shrubs. Situated at the railroad and Brushy Creek Road. Also the location of a store, post office, gas station, “The Park,” and combination school/church.