New Hope Baptist Church and Cemetery

Although the church was not formally chartered until 1868, services were likely held as early as 1848. From 1871 to 1919, the church was also used as a school. Originally located on the head waters of Blockhouse Creek, New Hope Baptist Church was rebuilt several times and now stands at the intersection of US 183 and new Hope Road. The cemetery was established in 1869 and holds more than 70 unmarked graves, yet many headstones mark the names of well-known colonizers who shaped the community. Located at West New Hope Road and US Hwy 183. The cemetery is on US 183 and the historical marker is in front of the older section of the church on W. New Hope Road.

New Hope First Baptist Church and Cemetery. Located off West New Hope and 183. Cemetery is on 183 and marker is in front of older section of church on West New Hope Road. Founded is 1869.